Kobold Kapers

Our story starts in a Kobold cave where Glek, a green-skinned Captain, dons his studded leather armor and dual swords preparing for his nightly duty. He is tasked with disposing of a couple goblin scouts who have started to camp in the area, and decides to take on new warrior recruit Drerki. He finds the eager red Kobold polishing his prized “shield”, a pot lid stolen from a human camp in a daring raid. The two mount a pair of gray weasels and head out.

After discovering their prey around a campfire, the two take them by surprise and quickly bury their swords into the unsuspecting goblins. Thrilled by his first battle, Drerki burns the remnants of the Goblin bodies in the fire as a sacrifice to his dragon master.

Upon returning to the caves the queen is impressed by the duos work, and sends them out again on a bigger task: capture the goods of an traveling caravan on the nearby road.

Riding their weasels, Glek and Drerki head back out into the night. The two fell a tree across the road and wait in a treetop to ambush the caravan. As a wagon approaches, driven by two halflings, the kobolds jump on the large woman bodyguard wielding a great sword. After a fierce battle the two are again victorious and the bodyguard falls to the ground. The frightened halflings attempt to flee but are quickly slaughtered.

Glek inspects the wagon and finds a trove of gold and weapons, including a strange sword with a green glow. He packs the loot to take the wagon back home.

Meanwhile Drerki fervently attempts to light a fire from the fallen tree to burn his kills in another sacrifice. Angered by his weak fire Drerki begins to cut down another tree for more fuel while a frustrated Glek tries to get him back on task. As Drerki lifts his sword to foolishly cut the wooden wagon wheel for kindling, Glek has no choice but to strike his comrade to his senses.

Distracted by the outburst neither notice the large troll approaching from the south. The two attempt to flee to their weasels but the troll catches Glek and renders him unconscious with powerful blows. In a rare act of bravery, Drerki dismounts and heads into danger to protect his companion. With a critical animal handling skill, Drerki ties his captain to the weasel and sends him running, heading off on his own weasel in the opposite direction. But the troll is too fast, and catches Drerki before he can escape, killing him in three deadly strikes.

An unconscious Glek, tied to his weasel, escapes into the forest, a faint green glow emanating from the sword tucked into his belt.



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