Session 12

The acrid smell of blood arises from the now silent chamber of the Elven King Awewarin. Kriv and Carlin emerge from the hallway to survey the carnage and find Ahtar, Lyle, Mac and Gem’s lifeless bodies. Having mercilessly pummeled the heroes and returned the jeweled sword to the sarcophagus, the stone golems stare blankly ahead, reverted back to their statue form. As the two round the corner they discover a horde of treasure gathered by the slain dragon and a cloth draped over the Pulchritudo Lacus Mirror. To their surprise, a green spirit rises out of Mac’s body. He tells them this one will return to the grotto and send help to free them from the tomb.

Meanwhile Sako, fully recovered from his torture and imprisonment by Baron Storrick, sits half-naked at the foot of the bed next to the sleeping Tiefling Farideh in the town of Toldyr. The land has been plagued by the mysterious black liquid which seems to bring back the dead in the form of terrible monsters, and the people of the town are starting to fear. A vision suddenly hits Sako of a tomb deep in the Zildyr forest. Inside Geminick Neel stands at the base of an altar, lute in hand, as two large stone figures approach, raise their arms, and crush him. Sako stands, dons his armor, mask, and blades, and leaves without a word.

At the grotto, Mac’s spirit returns to the now massive Tree of Life. As his spirit joins the tree a bud forms on a branch, transforms into a Firbolg body, and falls to the ground. Mac stands tall, reborn. A voice tells him the world is in dire need, the plague cannot continue, and a branch falls at his feet, the Staff of the Woodlands.

Having traveled to Varbeck, Sako heads to the Temple of Ester to recruit help on his journey. He meets with Sir Walter, a paladin he helped in a fight defending the honor of a bar maiden, and tells him of his friend’s fate. Walter agrees to help investigate and continue Gem’s quest to defeat the dark fey. A fellow servant of Ester and life cleric, Angela, join the two for the journey.

The party rejoins inside the tomb, navigating through a back entrance burrowed by the dragon. Angela recognizes Ahtar as her former fiancĂ©, but displays little emotion. When Gem’s death is confirmed Sako reads from the “good scroll” that Gem had prepared in the event of his demise.

An ode to remember a hero we lost, tragedy we cannot bear
The ladies loved him, the people adored him, his songs had no compare
But for all that was done, battles that were won, what good is it to share?
That friends who remain fondly remember his name, that is all he cares

The treasure is divided and the heroes unveil the mirror and step through. They emerge underwater and manage to make their way to the shore only to be greeted at spear point by ten centaur warriors. The party gives up their weapons and are by led by captain Jakaroo to a centaur village to meet his grandfather and chieftain Mageegi. The party travels through a lush green land with yellow and red flowers in the fields, 500 ft trees, and a sky with two suns. When they arrive at the village they meet the elder, who has long braided hair adorned with flowers and tattoos on his chest. He greets the party warmly and offers them information for their quest.

Mageegi explains that the Queen of the Night, Queen Sassastra is fighting with her husband the Moonlit King. The centaurs can provide an escort to their nearest border, but no further. After enjoying a tea that laced with an unknown hallucinogen, capped by Kriv’s insistence that “that horse is eating a human!”, the heroes finally settle down for the night.

In the morning Angela readies herself ahead of the party and brings a bag of magic beans she acquired in the Elven tomb to an old centaur healer. The centaur does not know what the beans are but leads her to fertile ground about a mile outside the village should she wish to plant it. Sako notices Angela leaving and alerts the party to her actions.

In the clearing, Angela’s curiosity is peaked and she plants a bean in the ground. Immediately a large pyramid rises from the ground with a single entrance in front. The party catches up to Angela as she enters the chamber.

Inside the pyramid lies a sarcophagus that immediately bursts open revealing a hideous Mummy Lord. The lord fells several party members with an intense insect swarm. Mac and Sir Walter engage the mummy and the mummy hits Mac with a powerful evil strike. Carlin attempts to heal Andrea in vain while Kriv and Sako escape to safety outside. Kriv severely hurts the mummy with a powerful flame strike. Enraged, the mummy moves toward Kriv to cast a spell when Sir Walter seizes his opportunity and attacks with his magic longsword radiating with smite evil. Miraculously his blow fells the powerful creature and the party senses they’ve narrowly averted a crisis that could have befallen the land.



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