Session 2

As the session begins the party is still in the dungeon. Kriv finds a Wand of War Mage floating in the air and retrieves it with Mage Hand. The party finds a Firbolg trapped in amber in a giant tree. The amber cracks and out comes Mac. Odo finds a magical Greatsword. The party finds themselves locked in a room with a ceiling that is rapidly closing in on them, they try everything to no avail, at the last moment the ceiling stops and go backs up. The party defeats a number of enemies and ends up in the final room finding Ceidil. She is unconscious on an altar. The party battles a Quickling defeating it. They find mystic runes on the floor that only Mac can decipher. The party heads back to town and on the way they battle an Owlbear. They also find a dead commoner with black eyes and black viscous liquid seeping out of his mouth. Mac creates a cairn out of plants. They finally arrive back at Ceidil’s house and enjoy a long rest.



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