Session 4

The session opens with Gem sitting in The Ship’s Wheel Inn & Tavern. He is awaiting a visitor. A hooded man approaches Gem’s table and sits down. The man’s name is Kajori and he is a member of the local thieve’s guild. Kajori provides Gem with a map of the prison where his mentor Sako Lume is located. Gem also purchases a set of Thieve’s Tools off of him. He indicated Gem will owe him a favor in the future when he is called upon or he will face death. A man is poisoned in the tavern to prove this point.

At this point we switch over to the rest of the party approaching Varbeck’s city gates in their carriage. They have difficulty convincing the guards to let them in. Odo presents the writ of passage from Mother Alice and the guard being a worshipper of Ester lets them in. The party convinces an old man to bring them to a nice inn. They discuss that they still need to stop at the local larger Temple of Ester and speak with a local Wizard to get further info on the black ooze they found on the “zombie” man. The party stops at the Knight and Dove Inn, they review the bounty board and find a number of notices:

1. A group of bandits have been attacking caravans at the entrance to the city. Capture the bandits alive. 400GP Bring the bandits heads in. 250GP
2. A tribe of Orcs has been attacking some local farmsteads. Kill all the Orcs and bring their heads in. 250GP

The party meets up with Gem and have a heated discussion about them helping him break his mentor out. In that time Gem uses his silver tongue to successfully garner their help.

The party sneaks in through the sewers as a way to gain access to the prison. They dispatch a number of enemies along the way including a Grick. Mac finds a Grick egg and takes it with him. The party finds the entrance to the prison.

Mac changes into a Rat, slips through the sewer grate and out a hole in the stone wall. He runs along the hallway to find a guard on duty. He attempts to get the guard’s attention by drinking from his ale. The guard swipes at the Rat changing Mac back into his true self. The guard is so shocked that Mac gets a surprise round turning into a Black Bear and ripping the head off of the guard killing him.

Odo argues with Gem about when they should proceed. Odo gets frustrated throwing Gem to the ground and ripping the sewer gate out of the stone opening. The party proceeds into the prison. At this time the outside guards come inside hearing the noise from within. One of the guards asks the other to run for help…



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