Session 5

The session begins with Gem putting the two guards in the prison to sleep. The guards are locked in a cell. All of the prisoners are freed to provide a distraction while they escape. A Tiefling prisoner by the name of Farideh offers to keep them hidden until things blow over. She offers to patch up Sako Lume.

The party realizes they are dead broke and decides to take on a bounty. They head the Bergerstein Farmstead to try and collect the bounty on the Orcs who have been attacking. They prepare to ambush the Orcs. The Orcs arrive with some dire wolves and are dispatched handily by the party.

The party collects to the bounty on the Orcs. They visit the local Temple of Ester and meet with Grandmother Petunia. She is unable to assist with the black ichor collected previously. She recommends visiting Bolnast the Seer in the West Ward.

The party meets with Bolnast. Bolnast notices Kriv is a magic user and as he rests his hands on his shoulders he goes into a trance state. His eyes roll back in his head and he speaks in Nim’s voice asking “Kriv are you there?”. At this point Kriv gets a jumble of memories of Nim and his previous friends.

Bolnast offers to help Kriv retrieve his memories further if he helps him retrieve some artifacts. He also offers to study the black ichor which will take two days to see what it is. He will determine if it has value and keep it if it does otherwise the party will need to pay to determine what he has found.



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