Session 8

The session opens at Bufford the blacksmith’s shop in the East Ward of Varbeck. Mac, Kriv, and Gem finalize the transaction for a secure safe, commissioning a 4 X 5 velvet-padded secret compartment with 5 keys to be fastened to the undercarriage. The transaction will cost 80 gold and be completed in 3 days. Mac holds onto the party gold in the meantime.

At Gem’s insistence, the party heads to the safe house to check on Sako and the Tiefling Verde who were freed from Baron Storrick’s prison. Gem had learned Sherriff Ekbert had been on their trail but the team discovers the house empty, with a hidden message saying the two escaped safely.

The party next travels to the affluent West Ward to check in on Bolnast the wizard’s examination of the black liquid from Session 3. Bolnast welcomes them and explains to Mac that the black liquid is of a natural magic of the Dark Fey, of which he knows little. He suggests bringing the sample to the hermit Wizard Triscaeraa, who lives across the Ascentia Sea in the Zildyr forest. If the party continues to investigate and report back to him he offers to reveal more about Kriv’s past.

The vial is returned half empty and when Gem suggests paying the party for the lost sample, Bolnast threatens him with a lightning rod. Gem deftly plucks the rod from his hand but is shocked into unconsciousness at the touch. The party leaves without further incident, carrying Gem out to the street.

At this time Mac reveals that he knows of the Zildyr forest previously known as Karedelast when his people roamed the land. An acorn he carries is the last remnant of a great Tree of Life and he believes he could replant in the sacred wood. The party agrees to commission Lorenz de Graaf of the Golden Hind to sail with on the five day trek across the sea.

Despite the captain’s hatred off bards, Gem is able to sneak in a tune as they sail off…

Off we go in a boat
to sail across the sea
Off we go to Karedelast
So Mac can plant his seed

Off we go sailing
So he can grow a tree
Off on the Golden Hind
My Rapier and me!

The group is attacked by a Water Elemental which kills most of the crew except the Captain. The group narrowly defeats the foe. They finally arrive on the shores of the Sandstone Mountains which butt up against the Zildyr Forest. The Captain asks that they come back and help him man the boat when they are finished. The group gets in a row boat and starts rowing to shore.



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