Geminick Neel


Bard — Noble — Human


Geminick Neel is a beloved noble simply getting a taste of adventure. At least this is tale he would tell you in the local tavern as he emptied the pockets of the spellbound patrons.

The truth is that Geminick’s father is a respected captain in a local militia and Geminick is the apple that has fallen far, far from the tree. More interested in entertainment and antics than tactics and combat it became clear that his father felt Geminick had no place in the militia.

Without a future in his hometown he traveled the countryside and was fortunate enough to meet a mentor named Sako Lume who appreciated his natural talents. Under Sako’s tutelage, Geminick grew his potential (and ego) until he was more than capable of earning a living.

Sako encouraged the duo to take on less-than-honest tasks, coming to a head when the two posed as traveling nobles and attempted to steal the wealth of Baron Storrick. But this time their ruse was discovered, and as Sako was being apprehended Geminick abandoned his friend and managed to escaped unscathed.

Now off on his own, Geminick has traveled far from the Baron and his old mentor. He believes he is destined for greatness and would like no more than to have the opportunity to prove it.

Geminick Neel

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