Session 3

As the session begins the party is awakening from a long rest at Ceidil’s home. The party finds that Gem has left unexpectedly. Odo buries Ell in the ground behind Ceidil’s house. Odo and Tessel head to the Temple of Ester. They speak with Mother Alice and ask about having someone to perform last rites for Ell. She says Brother Vargas will be by later to perform the rites. They also ask about the strange body. Mother Alice says she would like to investigate the body tomorrow morning and asks the party to bring her there. Odo and Tessel also visit the magistrate paying off Ceidil’s taxes as well as for two additional years. Meanwhile Mac creates a beautiful lush garden and improves the plants at Ceidil’s home.

The rites are performed for Ell. Mother Alice shows up the next morning. The party and Alice heads out to find the body. On their journey Odo falls into a pit trap and the party is ambushed by Kobolds. During the battle Odo is infected by Rot Grubs but was saved at the last minute by Mother Alice. The party also discovers a Kobold hideout. The party moves on to where they buried the body. They find the plant cairn has withered and is ripped open, there is the same black liquid around opening and the body is missing. The party investigates it but cannot find anything interesting. Mac takes a sample of the liquid in a small container. Mother Alice tells the party this is out of her league and recommends getting further details from a larger Temple of Ester or possible a mage in Varbeck.

The party heads back to Ceidil’s home. At this time a messenger shows up for Tessel bringing a letter from Gem. The letter informs them that Gem has headed to Varbeck to free his mentor and asks them for help. The party discusses the matter and agrees to help Gem. The party purchases two drafts horses and a carriage with all their gold. Odo speaks with Mother Alice asking for further aid. She agrees to provide them with potions in exchange for 15% of the riches found in the Kobold cave when they finally clean it up. The party heads out to Varbeck and arrives at the gates.

Session 2

As the session begins the party is still in the dungeon. Kriv finds a Wand of War Mage floating in the air and retrieves it with Mage Hand. The party finds a Firbolg trapped in amber in a giant tree. The amber cracks and out comes Mac. Odo finds a magical Greatsword. The party finds themselves locked in a room with a ceiling that is rapidly closing in on them, they try everything to no avail, at the last moment the ceiling stops and go backs up. The party defeats a number of enemies and ends up in the final room finding Ceidil. She is unconscious on an altar. The party battles a Quickling defeating it. They find mystic runes on the floor that only Mac can decipher. The party heads back to town and on the way they battle an Owlbear. They also find a dead commoner with black eyes and black viscous liquid seeping out of his mouth. Mac creates a cairn out of plants. They finally arrive back at Ceidil’s house and enjoy a long rest.

Session 1

As the session begins in the early morning we see Odoacer harvesting wheat in the fields. Ell is checking his game traps collecting some rabbits. Geminick is nursing a hangover at the The Blind Mouse Inn. Tessele reports to Sir Rakor for his morning orders. Sir Rakor provides him with a note that should not be opened until after his orders are completed. He asks Tessele to evict Ceidil from her house because of not paying taxes.

On his way to evict Ceidil Tessele notices a wolf sneaking up on some citizens. He lets loose an arrow but unfortunately misses and kills an older man. Odoacer and Ell jump in to assist and three of them take down two wolves.

Tessele knocks on the door of Ceidil and finds she’s not home. He hears some moaning from inside and tries to force his way into the home. Ell and Odoacer see this and head over to find out what is going on. They discover Ceidil is not home but moaning is coming from the basement. They find a trap door to the basement and find a dragonborn laying on a cot nursing his wounds. They discover Ceidil had been taking care of a dragonborn by the name of Kriv. Kriv tells them Ceidil is in trouble and was force to travel to the Schleymoor Forest. At this time Tessele opens the note and finds that he is honorably discharged from the militia. Kriv informs the party that he fought another powerful sorcerer and during the battle he ended up in his land without his higher power and his memories.

Ell tracks Ceidil and another creature heading towards the woods. On their journey they come upon a large Ogre which they take down with ease. They discover a creepy little creature looking down into a hole in the ground next to the forest. Ell yells to the creature and he opens a portal and disappears. Ell goes to investigate the hole and almost falls in but is able to grab on before falling in.

Ell ties a rope to a tree and heads into the chamber. They discover some runes on the pillars that look similar to Elvish. The party discovers a secret chamber with two rotting humanoids. The party enters a room small sarcophagi. A tiny creature (Quickling) with incredible speed runs out and stabs Kriv knocking him unconscious. Tessele pulls Kriv out of the room while Ell, Odoacer and Gem engage. The Quickling kills Ell and knocks Gem unconscious. Odo is able to finish off the creature. Odo hammers pitons in the door and stacks three sarcophagi next to the door barring themselves in. The party starts a long rest, this will require a total of 11 hours for Kriv to come back and 10 hours for Gem to come back.


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